Thursday, May 20, 2010

"If you want peace...

prepare for war." -Today is the Day


Engorged on the fare of the worldwide slaughterhouse, garroted and left choking on a fast food high, have a maggot-casket to-go please. Numb to all but self-hate, a world full of self-deceivers. Once fearless, now only soulless, here to spread the addiction. Substance. Control. Power. Control. Substance. A damning litany, but marched in the streets nonetheless. Stalin would be proud.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

That's one lucky pulpit.

Rhetoric that is regurgitated to the point of diarrhea of the mouth. Liquid lies to fill the minds of the American drones, obediently picking their side, obsequious gestures to deceit. Empty words, lifeless phrases, non-committal promises, we drink it up. A deluge of devastating unknowns, wearing a sleek tie, camera-flash face paint, unerring smiles, and we cheer for more; more drama, more reality, more of anything consumable, compartmentalized, tied with a nice bow to deceive future generations. Hats off to those who have damned us all, good luck to those who dug the ruts of which we will never see the end, congratulations to all who we should be able to trust but are consistent in their failure to deliver truth; one more falsity can't hurt, one more for the books. Keep them coming. We receive death united but shun life to be in constant conflict with our friends. Sowing discord in color and surround sound, a war already won. We pay for the commercials then buy the product, SEND MORE MONEY the world can't survive without it. Slavery never ended, just became popularized and legal within the government. With every vote cast, we engorge the obese, strip the naked, pummel the righteous. You got my money in life and fill your coffers with the same in death.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How many one-liners does it take?

"Every time you justify, another good in you dies." -Converge

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


...Climb high the throes of our fate, divulge the sinner, devolve and reconstruct what should have been valued and put on a throne. Cast to splinters, a cry for reality, a whisper for humanity. Dim, but aware, flailing on the wings of misconception, the world has ended and the cries of the damned heave ever heavenward. Like a funeral dirge, unbidden, sung thickly, the hopeless mourn what was. The depths chortle with delight, wiping away the overindulgent like eager spittle, to be forgotten forever. The never-ending mind loop of hell, inescapable, inexorably avoidable but sought after ceaselessly. What has been gained? A life bloated with death's little treats and tricks to learn a few simple lessons? Once learned, immediately forgotten, like the remnants of a one night stand.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


One more face among of the listless concourses of followers. Following the damned down the spiraling eternities of lost hope and empty dreams. A smile for many, a knife for others, death for all. Living among corporate backstabbers, thieving leaders. The sunrise only rings the nightmare true. Eyes ever forward, never wavering from what never matters. Silence the truth-seekers, sew the lips of freedom shut. The noose, stained strong with the blood of those willing to sacrifice all. Hungering for more, thirsting for all, famine.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Heaven left by plane

Are we blind?
Are we deaf?
Failure at speech in a long-winded cycle of unspoken words, fraught with desire.
We close our eyes to truth and welcome the bitter fallacies.
We accept the slaughter yet quell the explicit.
Hammering home a sense of duty to a world shod with flippant pursuits.
To those who sleep with hope in their hearts and wake without understanding on their lips; to those whose reality is based upon carnal fulfillment and little else; to those who raise their cups to the glutton-rich and commercialized heroes....
Farewell and adieu...